Arabian Nights Slot Demo: Features, Paylines Number of Reels

Arabian Nights Slot Demo

Arabian Nights Slot Demo. The 1001 Arabian Nights contains some of the most well-known Middle Eastern tales that are familiar to Westerners. This anthology of short stories, which was written during the Islamic Golden Age, includes well-known works like Alibaba and the 40 Thieves and Aladdin’s Wonderful Lamp.

These classic tales have been told countless times; even Walt Disney has attempted one. Now it’s the turn of software provider NetEnt, whose Arabian Nights progressive jackpot slot transports players to the scorching sands of the Middle East.

Arabian Nights jackpot is definitely a good thing, as it would be difficult to fully appreciate its retinal onslaught without it. Arabian Nights is an old game, so it’s not exactly cutting edge. In fact, it resembles an outdated land-based game quite a bit. Even then, the focus is on winning huge quantities of money, so motivated jackpot hunters won’t be deterred by the aesthetics. In fact, some players might like the distinctly “vintage” appearance.

The gameplay itself is best characterized as classic. To test your luck, the slot machine offers a straightforward 5-reel, 10-payline setup. In a nighttime, variously purple-hued Arabic setting, the game is set. A simple background with a barrow full of watermelons and a crescent moon hanging in the air is present. Looks can be deceiving because it doesn’t immediately appear to be a slot machine with payouts in the millions of euros.

Any device can be used to play, and bets range from 10 cents per spin to £/€200. RTP is decent for a jackpot slot, at 95.62% for local networks or 95.22% when connected to the worldwide network. A high hit rate of 38.95%, or roughly every 2.5 spins will produce some sort of reward, will keep players who enjoy constant wins on a low volatile math model amused. Even though it’s not the biggest win, Arabian Nights Slot Demo features can still result in respectable non-jackpot wins.

There are 10 fixed paylines available to players, as was previously mentioned, and the gameplay is simple. For a combination to be formed, at least three adjacent matching symbols must be selected from the leftmost reel. There are 10 regular payouts, a wild, and a scatter to use when spinning for the big win.

The 10-A royals, which are mosaic-styled, make up the low numbers, while a camel, a fez, a tent, slippers, and a scimitar make up the high numbers. Perhaps a little cliched, but on theme. Five on a line can be worth anywhere between 15 and 200 times the stake due to the premiums, which are quite high.

The gem dealer goes wild for helping in various ways. One is that it can be worth up to 250 times the original wager when four appear on a payline. Additionally, when the wild completes a combination in place of another symbol, the win value is doubled.

Arabian Nights Slot Demo – Features

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A round of free spins is added to the jackpot even though it may be the main event in order to up the excitement. The scatter symbol of a lamp is what you need for these. Three or more scatters activate the free spins feature, and two, five, four, or more pay out 2x, 5x, 20x, or 200x the bet, respectively. The first 15 free spins of this bonus are followed by a 3x multiplier applied to all wins.

If three more scatters occur, it is possible to receive 15 additional free spins, but oddly, the extra spins do not profit from the x3 multiplier. On the plus side, the wild still doubles your winnings when you use it. At least for the first 15 free spins, wild wins are effectively multiplied by x6. Now that’s a line of scimitars (with a wild) worth 1,200 times its original value.

The final feature, which is the jackpot, which is obviously dependent on the wild, is also crucial. Each wager adds a portion to the pool because the jackpot is progressive. With a seed of €30,000 and 10% of all bets, that works out to 4.5% of the total jackpot being added on each spin.

Although the worldwide jackpot, which gives far higher awards, is more common, there is also a smaller local jackpot. Theoretically, it is easy to win. You win the jackpot if five wild symbols appear on a payline.

Arabian Nights Slot Demo –  Conclusion

With this kind of incentive on the table, Arabian Nights Slot Demo could appear as though someone had shaved their dog and taught it to walk backwards. This is one of the jackpot machines that may dish out winnings of more than £7 million. 

While the average jackpot pot size is £1.3 million when hit, the lowest jackpot ever won was £68,000 so far. A sizable portion of the gambling population will happily put up with 1990s-era graphics when figures like those are being thrown around.

The fact that Arabian Nights Slot Demo also has respectable non-jackpot potential adds to its appeal. Gain access to free spins, and you might win up to 1,503 times your original bet. When combined with the high-value premiums throughout the base game, the wild is also quite helpful for significant victories that will keep you playing this Aw8indo slot game.

Therefore, Arabian Nights Slot Demo is not a cutting-edge video game. However, the classic appearance lends it a charm all its own, which the progressive jackpot further enhances. Numerous millionaires have been made through the game over the years, so just that fact alone will guarantee that plenty of eager bettors will queue up to give it a shot in the future.

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