Chance Machine 5 Review: RTP 96%, Endorphina

chance machine 5 review

Looking for the Chance Machine 5 review? This is Endorphina‘s fourth slot, and it’s a game with a small number of active lines but all of the other special features we’ve come to expect from the series. 

There aren’t many features on the list, and they’re primarily basic ones. When combined with a fruit slot theme, it becomes a game that appeals to a specific demographic of players that love the classics.

Summary of Chance Machine 5 Review

The combination of 5 reels and 5 lines may not sound thrilling in Chance Machine 5 review, but Chance Machine 5 manages to make it work. Mostly, it accomplishes this by including massive potential prizes for the slot’s top symbols, each of which is capable of paying 1,000x the bet, allowing you to win 5,000x the stake on a single spin. 

When you consider the increasing wilds, that jackpot isn’t as improbable as it may appear. There are two scatters as well, although they don’t have any unique qualities to trigger. The RTP is 96%.

1. Bet and Prizes

You can change the amount of coins and their worth, but not the lines, which are set at five in Chance Machine 5 review. The game allows you to place bets ranging from $0.05 to $50 across its whole range.

Form a winning combination with only Lucky 7s (wilds may help), and you’ll win 1,000 times your bet on that line. If you do the same on all lines, you could win the slot’s jackpot, which is worth 5,000 times your wager ($250,000 in cash).

Despite its high volatility, the slot’s Return to Player is at the industry standard of 96%.

2. Slot Features

The Crown, the most recognizable symbol of all, will work as a substitute for all symbols that can be combined (not for scatters). Wilds will expand when they appear on reels 2, 3, or 4, even if they only appear on those reels. This can result in new winning combos.

There are 2 scatters as well, but neither of them is really noteworthy. They both deliver prizes, and to be paid, you must have a particular amount of them visible.

One of them is the Gold Star in Chance Machine 5 review, a scatter symbol that must appear on 3, 4, or 5 reels in order to win 5x, 20x, or 100x your stake. The Silver Star can only appear on three of the five reels, and they must all be visible. If this occurs, a prize of 20 times the stake is awarded.

Overall, the list of features is quite minimal, but this is true of the entire Chance Machine series, so it’s not surprising.

3. Game Design

It’s not surprising that they went with a classic motif for a game that identifies itself as a gambling machine by its name. They’re all common symbols in older games, and they’re also used in a number of modern ones like this Chance Machine 5 review. 

It’s not much better looking than it was before, so if you want that old-school vibe, Chance Machine 5 will gladly oblige.

The Crown Wild, Gold and Silver Stars (scatters), and regulars will all be major symbols in Chance Machine 5. Lucky 7s, Golden Bells, Four-leaf Clovers, Bar logos, and the four gemstone-encrusted card suits are among the latter.

Final Results

Given its lower number of lines, this game appears to be a more risky option than the other slots in the series. However, the rewards are still excellent, and the RTP is just where it should be.

Endophina’s Chance Machine 5 slot is now one of its most popular slot games. In fact, several betting sites consider this game to be a favorite. If you want to try it, you can use keywords like Chance Machine 5 slot, Chance Machine 5 demo slot, situs judi slot online, Chance Machine 5 review, and others to find it. Well, it is our Chance Machine 5 review. Now, it is your time to enjoy this game.

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