Games Can Reduce Concentration in Children, Especially Students

Games Can Reduce Concentration in Children, Especially Students

Games can reduce concentration for both students and adults. This happened when someone who is addicted to games does not get right information. They used to concentrating other than just playing games.

Game is currently something that is popular among the public. Starting from students, children, to adults, they all play games. The online games being played today vary widely are PUBG, Mobile Legend, Point Blank, and many other types of game slot online from site for example, that are currently popular.

As for offline games, currently the favorites are PES, GTA V, The Sims, and many other types of offline games that are often played.

Offline games and online games are 2 types of games that do have their own fans or players and they are quite fanatical.

Game fanatics can be interpreted as a player who will not play games other than the games he really likes and of course it’s not uncommon for them to make fun of other types of games other than the games they play.
This also includes the bad effects of games, namely playing games can cause hostility.

Hostility or making fun of games like this is actually something that is not important. Because it’s really very unfortunate that someone would be hostile just because they are different in playing the game.

And it’s not even uncommon for someone to be hostile just because of the defeat caused by playing the game.

Someone who loses and doesn’t accept that if he loses to someone else or his friend, end up becoming enemies. It’s a shame that the friendship that had been built was destroyed just because of the game.

The bad effect of other games beside games can reduce concentration is that games make the body unhealthy, games make wasteful, games can make a person’s mental disorder.


Games can reduce concentration for someone who is already working and for a student, this is because a student cannot focus on lessons or sometimes students become lazy to study and prefer to play games.

This of course greatly affects the lives of students at school, where these students can certainly experience a decline in grades due to rarely studying and preferring to play games.

The second thing is that students find it increasingly difficult to understand the material that has just been discussed in school.

As for workers, games can reduce concentration which effects in decreased their productivity. Game players are not able to compete with other workers in the world of work and can often make him lose his job.

Just as gambling has a negative impact, games also need special treatment if you don’t want to receive the bad effects of the game itself. Therefore you have to limit your playing time. Meanwhile, if you are involved with gambling then stop gambling

Gambling itself is a type of game that is prohibited by the government. Various types of games currently circulating among the public are online poker gambling, trusted online slots, online domino gambling, and others. Everything is dangerous for you. Avoid!

You’re better off just playing games than gambling as long as you limit your playing time to only playing 2 hours a day so that the bad effects of games one of them that games can reduce concentration, can be avoided.