Is Online Gambling Legal in Russia in 2021?

Online Gambling Legal In Russia

Are you wondering if is online gambling legal in Russia? Well, In just a few years, Russia’s regulatory environment for internet gambling has transformed from a closed industry to one providing a framework for online bookmaking and totalisator gambling.

Russia’s online gambling market is becoming more open. This development creates possibilities, but the game’s rules are still being ironed out. Several aspects characterize the gaming environment in Russia:

  • Casino gambling is only permitted in five specific zones, and it is not permitted online at all. Outside of the authorized zones, however, bookmaking is permitted
  • Only the ‘Interactive Bet’ and TSUPIS technologies allow bookmakers to operate online
  • Foreign online gambling companies’ websites are usually prohibited.
  • The State Tax Service is the primary regulator, but a system of self-regulating organizations’ (SROs) has lately been developed for bookmaking.

The Online Gambling Law in Russia

Russia isn’t known for being a gambling-friendly country. Online gambling was outlawed in 2006, and all forms of gambling were outlawed nationwide in 2009, with the exception of four specified zones. Russians, though, continue to bet online with unregulated offshore companies.

In addition, the Russian government maintains a blacklist of websites that all ISPs must ban. Pornographic websites, websites that promote criminal activity, and, of course, gambling-related websites are also on the list. Although the censoring scheme isn’t perfect, it does make it impossible for Russians to participate in any type of online gambling.

Things haven’t always been this bad. Russians had access to the majority of key foreign gambling sites prior to 2006.

There were even Russian-based enterprises that provided services to citizens. All of that changed in 2006, when Russian law was revised to prohibit internet gaming and restrict access to casino, poker, and sports betting sites.

It is still possible to gamble online in Russia; however, it is not simple. The Russian ISP blacklist does an excellent job of censoring websites that offer Russians real money gaming. 

That list was revised in 2014, and it now includes PokerStars, Party Poker, Full Tilt Poker, Intertops, and a slew of other well-known poker and gambling brands.

The majority of the sites on the blacklist continue to accept Russian players. The only issue is that many of those players are currently unable to access the websites. 

Russian people who place wagers over the internet incur little risk. There are rules in place that require a minor fee for being discovered gambling online, but it appears that pursuing individual gamblers is not a priority. 

Judi slot online websites and underground betting parlors are being targeted by Russian authorities.

The most difficult problem you’ll face is getting through the ISP blacklist. As previously stated, the blacklist is comprehensive and updated on a regular basis. According to players, the ban does not yet apply to poker software. 

You can still access the games and play for real money if you already have the PokerStars software.

Players have also stated that making deposits and receiving payments is not a problem. This is encouraging news, but we don’t expect it to last long. The Russian government appears to be committed to enforcing its online gambling ban.

A 2012 judgement by the Russian Supreme Court demonstrates the country’s commitment to ending gambling. “No trace of gaming should remain on the web,” the court said in a case where it was declared illegal to even publish information on gambling.

All Russian gamblers are urged to keep an eye on the news. Currently, there appear to be minimal risks associated with simply gambling online, but this could change in the future. Russia has often demonstrated its will to entirely ban online gaming.

Now, you already know, is online gambling legal in Russia? Well, it is actually prohibited. However, you still can play in Russian casinos offline if you want to gamble. 

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