How to Stop Gambling

Stop Gambling

Online gambling is entertainment and that’s how we see it. The fact that you can win money with it is of course a part that will appeal to many people. However, online gambling and playing for money should not get out of hand. For some players it is no longer entertainment, but a real addiction. So they have to stop gambling.

What is a Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is seen as a sickness that is just as harmful and strong as drug or alcohol addiction. Such an addiction might begin as a harmless activity, but when most people consider it to be merely a game, some people get obsessed with the game and the potential reward.

Even when they become heavily in debt and all kinds of other problems of a social nature, for example, arise, these people continue to play. We cannot name all the symptoms of a gambling addiction, so you have to stop gambling

A number of problems that arise can indicate a gambling addiction:

  • Play more and more for more money.
  • The game doesn’t matter and is no longer ‘fun’.
  • Lie about your gambling.
  • Borrow money regularly, you may get into debt.
  • Become depressed because of the problems and this makes you gamble more to feel better.

If you recognize yourself in these symptoms, it is wise to take a test to see if you actually have a gambling addiction and then take the right steps to stop gambling.

What You Do About a Gambling Addiction

There are several things you can do to stop gambling addiction. Remember that once you know you are a gambling addict.

First of all, You can contact a support agency as soon as possible. For example AGOG Foundation, the Prevention Foundation, VNN and Addiction Care are some of these organizations.

In addition, it is also possible to seek help online and try to stop yourself. It is not always necessary to call in an agency. But if you notice that it is not successful for you to stop yourself, it is better to do so. 

There are several forums where you can go with your gambling problems and here you can talk to people who were addicted to gambling in the past.

The Agencies Help People to Stop Gambling

Here is some bandarqq agencies which different treatments to stop gambling addiction. You can get  more information and tips from the organizations.

1. Stop Gambling with AGOG Foundation

The AGOG Foundation is a self-help organization inspired by the American Gamblers Anonymous, a support group for stop gambling addicts. The letters AGOG stand for Anonymous Gamblers Environment Gamblers, because the direct environment of a gambler is often also affected by the behavior of the gambler.

At present, the AGOG Foundation is the largest self-help organization for people with gambling addiction problems and the people who have a direct relationship with that person. The self-help organization tries to help patients and their families by organizing group meetings in various places in the country. These group meetings can take place between fellow sufferers, for the patients as well as for family members, or together.

The group meetings are particularly suitable for patients whose relationship with other family members is disrupted by the patient’s gambling behaviour. By talking to each other and really taking the time for this, mutual insight and understanding is created. Improving the relationships between the patient and his family members has a positive effect on the success rate of the treatment, should the patient ultimately choose an active form of treatment.

2. Stop Gambling with Hervitas

The organization Hervitas is a recognized mental healthcare institution. The organization offers specialized addiction care to people aged 18 and over. Depending on the severity of the addiction problems and what the patient needs, there are several treatment options. You can easily contact Hervitas for an intake interview, to see whether Hervitas treatments suit you.

A day treatment is a three-week process in which you are present on location daily from 09:00 to 17:00. During the first week, the characteristics of the patient’s behavior are mapped out. 

Once insight has been gained into the patient’s behaviour, work is carried out in the second week to realize a structural change in the patient’s behaviour. For this, therapies such as systemic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are used. In the third week, work is done on perpetuation, in other words a plan for how the patient will apply the new insights in daily life. 

3. Stop Gambling with Jellinek

Jellinek is a well-known specialist organization with over 100 years of addiction treatment experience. Jellinek has treatments for alcohol, weed, ecstasy, gaming and stop gambling addictions, among others. 

The types of treatments themselves are also different and match the nature of the client’s problems. For example, you can choose from prevention treatments to clinical treatments. Among other things, Jellinek offers cognitive behavioral therapy in the form of outpatient treatment in which the patient comes to a Jellinek location every week for a meeting or meeting.

Internet treatment is a suitable option for patients for whom this method seems suitable and who want to follow the treatments from home at the times that are convenient for them.

Another option is the Minnesota treatment. This special group therapy is based on norms and values ​​such as respect, honesty and openness. Through this group therapy, the patient gains new insights and the patient learns thanks to the presence of fellow sufferers.

If the traditional treatments are not suitable, you can also use special therapies that this organization offers, such as running therapy and mindfulness.

How to Stop Gambling Addiction

Private clinics are an option if treatment is required with guaranteed, intensive one-on-one treatment. Private clinics are in the hands of private healthcare organizations and usually have a commercial character.

It is important to thoroughly investigate in advance whether the treatment methods of a particular clinic are suitable for the patient.

The great program to stop gambling addiction is blocking software are programs that can be downloaded and that cause certain websites to be blocked. This kind of software does not solve all the factors that have caused or perpetuated the addiction. 

You will also choose to secure all your devices, not just the PC. This solution therefore requires quite a lot of self-control and will not be suitable for serious gambling addictions. 

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