Video Poker Strategy: How to Win At Video Poker

Video Poker Strategy

Do you want to try how much fun video poker is? If you do, you better learn video poker strategy first before you start playing.

Because there is a significant difference between slot machines and video poker machines, learning how to win at video poker is a game-changer when it comes to transitioning from slot machines to video poker machines.

Video poker has been in some form or another since the 1970s, when personal computers led to the development of games that catered to a wide range of potential consumers’ game-playing needs. 

However, Video Poker has since become one of the most popular machines to play, and it is a major industry leader in Las Vegas. Why not play if you don’t already? 

Video Poker Rules 

Here are some important video poker rules to follow before we get into all aspects of the game.

  • Play within your financial constraints.
  • To qualify for progressive jackpots, always play the maximum bet within your means.
  • Stick to “Jack or Better” and stay away from wild-card games, which have lower payouts on big hands.
  • To maximize your total profitability and lower the house edge, look for video poker machines featuring progressive payouts.
  • Always remember to add your casino rewards card to earn points for bonuses like restaurant credits or free hotel stays in Las Vegas.

How to Play Video Poker

You begin by placing a bet of one or more credits and hitting the ‘deal’ button on Video Poker. You’ll be dealt five cards and given the option of discarding one or more of them in exchange for new ones from the deck. If you choose to, you can discard all five cards.

After then, according to the paytable, your hand is either paid out or not. Depending on the game operator and the game variant, the difficulty and set-up differ. 

The standard paytable will begin with a pair of jacks and progress through flush, straight, and full house, just like in regular poker. In course, you want to find that coveted Royal Flush (the ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit), but you might need some help.

How to Win At Video Poker

You have a chance of hitting that amazing four of a kind or greater once every 500 spins if there are no Wild Cards. 

While the odds aren’t terrific, Video Poker is one of the few games where the house – or the online house if you’re in Nevada, New Jersey, or Delaware – doesn’t have the advantage it has in other table games or slot machines. In reality, with the right strategy, you may drastically increase your odds of winning in Video Poker.

Knowing which cards to keep and which to discard is one of the most important advantages you’ll gain after you learn how to win at video poker. Sometimes, many casinos allow you to counting cards Texas Hold em. Because you’re not playing a human, but a computer, you can rely on the video poker strategy you choose without risking human instinct or error. Make sure you don’t guess or treat it as a game of chance, as this is the first mistake you should avoid.

While the house ‘advantage’ on video poker machines is only 3% – negligible when compared to slot machines — you can boost your 97 percent return by employing strategies, but make sure you know which machine you’re playing on before you begin. 

Jack or Better Video Poker

While other machines, such as Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker, provide higher payouts, mastering them is more difficult, just as winning at Super High Roller tournaments such as the US Poker Open is more difficult than cashing in a $1,000-entry WSOP bracelet event.

However, there are more ways to manage the action when playing the basic Jacks or Better variety, one of which is to always play the maximum. This is ideal since if you get a Royal Flush, the Jacks or Better machines will always pay out the most, and winning jackpots more frequently is certainly a good idea. 

If you do hit the Royal Flush, you’ll want to take advantage of the bonus. If you bet 1-4 coins on a Royal Flush, you won’t earn the additional payout, but if you bet all five coins, you will. Play at a level that qualifies you for the jackpot to keep the game’s progressive nature!

Video Poker Bankroll Management

Slowing down your poker game in real life may result in the clock being called or you using up more timebank cards than Erik Seidel did in the recent Super High Roller Bowl in The Bahamas, which was broadcast exclusively on PokerGO.

When you’re playing Video Poker, though, no one will pressurize you to make a decision, so you may take your time. Poker’s sheer nature encourages players to take action. Resisting this in a brick-and-mortar casino or on the poker felt can irritate tablemates. 

You can’t irritate a computer, so be patient. Pro tip: If you come across a new circumstance that you’re not familiar with, feel free to Google it so you can remember how to handle it the next time it arises!

Optimize Video Poker Strategy

In poker, GTO is a big thing, and it’s not much different in video poker. One video poker strategy to keep in mind is that in Jacks or Better, you should never keep your kicker. It won’t help you win a bigger prize, so get rid of it.

Another mistake to avoid when playing Video Poker is retaining three cards in order to pursue a straight or flush. You’re only hurting yourself and reducing your prospects of long-term success. 

The only time you should keep three cards is if you’re going for a straight flush, and you’re betting high to get the best payout and bonus. In Video Poker, the golden rule is to never risk splitting up a winning hand to try for something bigger. You’re going to lose money.

That is all about video poker strategy that you better know if you want to win this game. If you want to play this game, video poker is now available on many pkv poker sites.

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